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Our mission is to spread awareness, support victims, and enhance the work of other agencies in Jamaica.

About us



The Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence(JCADV) is a nonprofit organization committed to combating and preventing Domestic Abuse and Violence in our society. The JCADV was formed in 2019 to inform and educate people about Domestic Violence to raise awareness, increase reporting, and decrease incidents. Additionally, the JCADV aid victims and their families and connect them with judicial services, law enforcement, medical, psychological, and other outreach programs in the community. 


The JCADV does not provide direct services but serves as a source of reference to resources and services available in Jamaica. For more information on emergency shelter, support groups, counseling services, and assistance with legal issues please contact the JCADV website or call the Helpline. Victims of Domestic Abuse and Violence should call 119 if they are in immediate danger and need emergency assistance and care. For general information about programs in the community, call the national Helpline 24-hours every day of the week.

Hours of Operation

Call 119 if you are in immediate danger and need emergency help. The Nationwide Helpline is available 24-hours every day of the week. Call the Helpline for non-emergency assistance to connect with programs in the community.

Members of the media please call the 24-Hour Nationwide Helpline 1 (800) 598-7607 to coordinate press statements and interview requests.


The Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV) is determined to END Domestic Abuse and Violence in Jamaica. Our mission is to spread awareness, support victims, and enhance the work of other agencies in Jamaica. The JCADV will:

● Research and develop innovative strategies to intervene early to stop Domestic Violence before it starts

● Increase knowledge on Domestic Violence to change attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs among individuals and communities across Jamaica to prevent Domestic Violence related crimes

● Encourage reporting in the homes, schools, place of worship, clinics, hospitals, and etcetera

● Support and empower people affected by Domestic Violence

● Remove barriers that disproportionately affect people due to their gender, socioeconomic status, religion, race, age, sexual preference, and disability

● Advocate for survivors and ensure that they are safe and are receiving assistance to rebuild and recover

● Educate, inform, and train people about Domestic Violence to strengthen positive relationships

● Enhance communication, collaboration, networking, and resource sharing to timely impact those in need

● Promote community organizing around Domestic Violence prevention

● Advocate for stronger laws and enforcement of laws to reduce the incidence of Domestic Violence

● Partner with national and international agencies to impact cultural, educational, social, and systemic changes on the issues of Domestic Violence



It is the vision of the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV) that there will be a culture change in the Jamaican society where there is a zero-tolerance for Domestic Violence

because communities are enlightened and responsive to the needs of victims and their children. The JCADV will:

● Offer high-quality services that will support the victim, family, and community

● Provide effective education to every man, woman, and child in our communities to prevent Domestic Abuse and Violence

● Provide leadership in the field of Domestic Violence and collaborate with other agencies to maximize community impact

● Achieve this vision through advocacy, collaboration, creativity, determination, and education

● Support research efforts and use evidence-based practice to guide program and training

● Encourage mandatory reporting by teachers, health professionals, and etcetera for vulnerable groups of people.

hours of operation
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