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 cyberstalking & stalking


Stalking is an unwanted, harassing, and threatening behavior that involves an obsession and repetitive pursuit of a person.


Stalking is a crime as it causes fear, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and other psychological damage. Most victims of Domestic Violence may stalk their partners to maintain control.

Stalking can escalate to physical attacks and violence. Therefore, file a police report if you believe you are a victim of stalking. For more information call the Helpline at 1800-598-7607.


Cyberstalking is the deliberate and persistent use of technology such as, the internet, e-mail, or other telecommunication to harass or stalk another person and cause them distress.


Cyberstalking is considered physical stalking and is used to identify, track, and control the victim. For example, hate or threatening emails, live chat harassment abuses, electronic sabotage, starting and posting rumors, making fake pages posing as the victim to discredit the victims, and so on.


The cyber stalker may install spyware software on the victim’s computer or hard drive device to monitor, take pictures, and get damaging information on the victims.


If you feel you are a victim of on-line stalking please report to your nearest police station. For more information call the Helpline at 1800-598-7607.  

If You Are Being Stalked:

  • Take it seriously.

  • Talk to a Domestic Violence advocate, law enforcement, or other professional that can help.

  • Make a plan that will help keep you safe.

  • Visit the Privacy & Technology section of our website, and take the proper precautions to protect your personal information.

  • Maintain records of the stalker's activities. You can find a printable stalking log below. View and Print copy of stalking log here: Stalking log

  • Documenting stalking behavior can be difficult and emotionally exhausting but may be useful evidence to show patterns of behavior to obtain a restraining order.

  • Keep stalking log in a safe place and report to police. 

  • Contact the Helpline at 1800-598-7607 for support, and assistance with stalking log and safety planning.

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