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Meet the JCADV Team

The directors oversees governance for the organization and works with the chief executive officer to set the strategic vision and direction.



JCADV Director

Moyin Williams, Executive Director of the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV). Moyin has decades of experience as a registered nurse caring for and empowering others, building relationships, and bringing people together. She believes in preserving families and that being kind, caring, forgiving, and patient with one another is essential to creating a culture of respect. Moyin holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Chemistry from Rhode Island College. She is a born leader and philantropist. Moyin is devoted to family, is a proud mother who loves her daughter with all her heart. In her free time, Moyin enjoys listening to music, dancing, reading, writing, and spending time with her loved ones.



JCADV Director

Raquel Bailey, Deputy Director of the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV). Raquel is a survivor of Domestic Violence with a mission to promote, advocate for, and work towards the elimination of domestic violence and to embody and give visibility to the voices of survivors of domestic violence. She is passionate about empowering and supporting victims and survivors of violence, and hopes to bring about a positive culture change for communities across Jamaica. Raquel is determined to put shelters in all fourteen parishes in Jamaica to help victims and their children escape abuse. She works with Air Canada after graduating from college. She is the proud mother of two handsome boys and a puppy who she loves very much.



JCADV Director

Monique Oates, Director of Communications at the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV). She works to strengthen media relations, community engagement, and public awareness. Monique’s passion for teaching fueled her career as an educator at the College of Agriculture, Science, and Education. Monique serves her community well and is a proud member of many school and nonprofits boards and committees. She is a proud mother of two beautiful children. She loves cooking, music, art and craft, and spending time with her family and friends.



JCADV Director

Marsha Jones, Director of Advocacy and Empowerment Evaluator at the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV). She focuses on policy and systems advocacy related to domestic violence prevention and resiliency for survivors and children who witness violence. Marsha evaluates all programs initiated by the JCADV and assist with planning and implementation for all policies and projects. She is a leader, mentor, and strong advocate. Marsha has a lot of experience designing and implementing educational environments. She cherishes the quality time she spends with her daughters and family and friends. Marsha is a Clinician with a Masters of Science advanced degree in Public Health from Queen Mary, University of London.



JCADV Director

Richard Lindo, Director of Educational Training and Men’s Engagement Coordinator at the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV). Richard research, develop, and coordinate educational opportunities on topics related to sexual and domestic violence for educational institutions, law enforcement, and other agencies. Richard is an educator and strongly believes that education is necessary to reduce Domestic Violence incidence and fatalities. Additionally, Richard has done extensive research on Domestic  Violence and wrote several papers on how to prevent and reduce violence in the homes, assist victims and survivors of violence through education, counseling, and the criminal justice system. His vision for the JCADV is to lead classes/workshops in a variety of settings and issue certifications for completion of courses on the topics of Domestic Violence, anger management, and social action. Additionally, he envisions schools actively engaging children through clubs and educational curriculum on how to maintain healthy relationships at home and school. Richard's employment experience, educational study, travel, spirituality, and life-journey drives his passion to positively impact communities across Jamaica. Richard obtained a Masters of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. He loves his beautiful wife and four children and enjoys spending time with his friends and family.




JCADV Director

Lajay Lawrence, Director of Technology at the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV). Lajay oversees the JCADV website development and other virtual interfaces. Lajay has always had an innate passion for philanthropy. As a result, he founded the GOLD Charity in 2016. GOLD stands for Giving Others Love through Diversity, as an aim to spread awareness of the plethora of talents and abilities of the youths in the education system. He has since then joined multiple other clubs and community groups in pursuing his goal of helping others. Lajay has countless experiences in the leadership field which he utilizes in his everyday activities to try and change our communities for the better.


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