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The JCADV’s network with other agencies to provide supportive services to victims of Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking. For more information, contact the 24-hour national Helpline or visit the website for support, information, and advocate assistance for those impacted by crimes and violence.


Contact our helpline- 24 hour support at



If you are in immediate danger Call 119.


Talk with a representative at JCADV right now using our live chat feature at the bottom right of your screen.



 Provided here is a list of agencies in each parish. If you would like more information on the agencies of each parish such as what kind of help is offered, fax number and direct contact, CLICK HERE.


Discrimination Against Victims

There are laws in place to protect victims of domestic violence from employment, housing, and insurance discrimination. Contact a legal representative for guidance if you feel you are being discriminated against for being a victim of domestic violence and or filing a restraining order.

HIV Positive Persons

Eve For Life organization serves adolescent mothers living with HIV, 45% of whom were sexually abused as children. Contact:  

1 (876) 620-0515 to 6 or 1 (876) 831-8559 or email: or

Technology Safety

Remember that cell phones and social media can be used by your abusive partner to track your location. Make your technological safety and privacy a priority by putting a password on phones and other electronic devices and turning off locations on social media.


Services for Elders

JCADV provides referrals for specialized services in the community that assist seniors, adults ages 60 years and older, who are victims of abuse and violence. Some of the services include free individual and group support, assistance at court, and help with assessing the situation and identifying resources that can help.

Call the Helpline at 1-800-598-7607 for more information.

Any person who has reasonable cause to believe that an elderly person or child has been abused is to report it to the police. To make a report, call the local police station 119.

LGBTQ + Resources

JCADV provides referrals for free, private, and confidential services for LGBTQ+ victims of abuse and violence.

J-Flag is a human rights and social justice organization that advocates for the rights, livelihood, and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Jamaica. Contact info: 

(876) 667-6202  

Shelter & Housing

There are shelters for victims of domestic violence that provides safe...


Criminal Case Assistance

The law in Jamaica gives victims of domestic violence related crimes certain rights ...


Restraining Orders

In order to obtain a restraining order ...


Child Custody

Most judges will in certain circumstances award temporary custody ...


Support & Counseling

The JCADV will assist with referral to support groups and counseling services...



Sexual health is important for survivors of abuse...


Financial Help

Research shows that financial abuse is a key factor in...


Child Services

There are organizations throughout Jamaica that may provide emergency support services...



The JCADV offers trainings on a wide variety of topics related to domestic violence


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