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 confidentiality & safety

It is important to not compromise your safety and therefore, you should block your address for public viewing. Ensure that when you register to vote, or apply for a home phone that your address and phone number are not listed. Some victims of Domestic Violence should ensure that they are safe and their abusive partners do not know their whereabouts.

Medical Records Privacy
All victims of Domestic Violence and their families have a right to the privacy and confidentiality of their medical records. There is no mandatory reporting of Domestic Violence in Jamaica unless there is a case of abuse against a child, elderly, persons with disability, rape, gunshot, or stab wounds.
However, victims of Domestic Violence are offered referral for counseling in the community.
Family and friends of victims are encouraged to report all cases of abuse.
The release of patients’ health information without consent is punishable by law.
Campus Safety
Many research has shown partner violence and sexual assaults cases occur while living on campus.
Students and their families need to know that there are campus safety information and resources available through their schools campus safety guide.
The information available include:
  • Proactive ways to reduce risks at school
  • Information on victims crime
  • Reporting of incidents
  • Support services available for victims of Domestic Violence

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