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Court Advocates

The JCADV will provide referrals to vital social services and court advocates in each parish and ensure victims of Domestic Violence get information, education, and assistance with questions and concerns about the legal system, their rights, police report filing, pressing charges, and obtaining protective or restraining orders. Thereby, increasing victim safety and making victims feel less overwhelmed by legal proceedings.


Victims of Domestic Violence are encouraged to call the courthouse in their area for more information on how to reach a court advocate: Parish Court

Law Enforcement Advocates

The local police department may provide special police officers to work with victims of Domestic Violence and sexual assault. Please contact your local police department or the helpline for contact information for law enforcement advocates in the community.

Find your local Police Station


Please call 119 in case of an emergency.

Other Victim Advocates

There may be other advocates in the community for victims in criminal and felony cases that provide assistance with professional, psychological, legal, and law enforcement services.


Victim Rights

The law in Jamaica gives victims of Domestic Violence-related crimes certain rights such as the right to face the accuser and to testify against him or her in a court of law. The victim can also petition the court for a protective or restraining order.

Victims Support Unit: Available in all 14 parishes and serves victims of Domestic Violence

Jamaicans For Justice

A nonprofit organization that assists Jamaicans with legal representation.

For information on the Ministry of Justice Victims Charter: MOJ Charter





Corporate Area Criminal Half Way Tree

Address: 144 Maxfield Avenue

 Kingston 10

Telephone: 876-754-3662

Switchboard: 876-968-9401


Corporate Area Civil

Address: Sutton Street


Telephone: 876-922-8476

Switchboard: 876-922-8290/ 633-7104

St. Catherine

Address: 15 1/2 White Church Street, Spanish Town

Telephone: 876-749-6676



Address: Haughton Court,

 Lucea P.O.

Telephone: 876-956-2807

Switchboard: 876-956-2280


St. Ann

Address: 47 Main Street,

St. Ann’s Bay

Telephone: 876-972-1116

Switchboard: 876-972-2303/ 9602


St. Mary

Address: Main Street

 Port Maria

Telephone: 876-994-2532

Switchboard: 876-994-2238


St. James

Address: Meaga Bay Road

P.O Box 321,

Montego Bay

Telephone: 876-952-9724

Switchboard: 876-952-3323/ 876-971-6585



Address: P.O. Box 3


Telephone: 876-954-2136

Switchboard: 876-954-2136




Bryan’s Bay,

P.O. Box 88

Port Antonio

Telephone: 876-993-4740


St. Thomas

Address: 15 Church Street

 Morant Bay

Telephone: 876-703-6686

Switchboard: 876-982-1711



Address: 96 Great George Street,


Telephone: 876-955-9252

Switchboard: 876-955-2544


Address: Sevens Road,

May Pen

Telephone: 876-902-8379


Address: 2 Park Crescent,

Mandeville, Manchester

Telephone: 876-962-9593

St. Elizabeth

Address: 58 High Street,

Black River P.O.

Telephone: 965-2259


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