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Domestic Violence

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Domestic Violence is a criminal act. It is any degrading and abusive pattern of behaviors that one partner use to control the other partner. Domestic abuse, partner violence, or domestic violence is toxic and it destroys families. Domestic Violence can be of any form such as; verbal, physical, mental, financial, sexual, and technological abuse.

The Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence (JCADV) wants to end domestic violence in Jamaica. Jamaicans must not tolerate these behaviors anymore and therefore, they must Identify abuse, Report it to police immediately, to Prevent negative outcomes including imprisonment and death.

We owe it to ourselves as Jamaicans to put a stop to anything that threatens our health and safety... Domestic Violence is no joke... let us prevent it before tragedy happens. Losing family members leaves irreparable harm to children and other relatives and friends. Also, it can damage communities and negatively impact our nation. Only together we can End Domestic Violence!

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